Deaf Coast Divers

Where Diving is SERIOUS Business

Like, totally serious. If you're not spending 30 minutes staring at an octopus one dive and charging on your Scuba Buddy like a mount at a Lionfish with a spear the next, you're doing it wrong! You dive with a family, and have fun as a family!

FYI: We mostly maintain this website to help with inviting new not-yet-diving friends along =).

About Us

We are a Found Family at DeafCoast. We are friends - no customers here! We aren't structured, we're not a Dive Shop, just a group of like-minded friends. While we do have Instructors and DiveMasters in our group, they work under the auspices of dive shops (not DeafCoast). We don't schedule classes or charge for coordinating entire trips - we're not in it for the money! As friends, any one of us may pitch and run the trips we join them on!

Why "DeafCoast" ? - In general, about half of us on any trip are deaf! Some (But not all!) of the others can sign or are interested in learning sign. We aim to be all inclusive - any and all abilities or disabilities.


Safety is best considered as the leader of every team. Follow Safety, and have fun otherwise!

  1. Safety of the divers - Yourself, buddies, and others.
  2. Safety in communication - In and out of water.
  3. Safety of the environment - Coral, reefs, and native animals.
  4. Safety of the stomach - kill and eat invasive species.

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